Maha Navratri 2013 Temple Guideline

Dear Devotees,

Temple Management Committee has written down a complete "Maha Navratri Guidelines" for all the devotees and visitors to the temple. As for all other events and procedures, this guidelines contains sets of rules that devotees are obliged to follow or obey. Do forgive the committee if the committee has to come up front and inform that you are disobeying some rules. This guidelines too contains "Navratri" procedures and how-to's. Please do spend some time reading this guidelines as it will help all of us to devote and respect the event better.


**Note : 

The main guideline that we would like to highlight here is that, Devotees or Visitors coming to temple are NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR CLOTHS THAT ARE IN BLACK, including long pants for guys.

Download this file (Maha Navratri 2013 Temple Guidelines.pdf)Maha Navratri Temple Guidelines[Maha Navratri Temple Guidelines]130 kB

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