Baisakhi, Vishu Bohag Biju

Baisakhi, the Hindu new year is celebrated all over India.  It is very popular festival of Punjab. It is celebrated to mark the harvesting season.  To rejoice the occasion, Bhangra and Gidha dances are performed all over the Punjab.

In Kerala, the festival is know as Vishu.  Known as Bohag Bihu in Assam, the new year is celebrated with music, folk dances and community feasting.

Baisakhi is celebrated as an important day by the Sikhs in Punjab.  It was on this day that Guru Govind Singh founded the Khalsa.  At all Gurudwaras the ‘Granth Sahib’ the holy book of the Sikhs is read from beginning to end and taken out in procession by the Panch Pyaras (five senior Sikhs) who are symbolic of the original leaders.  After this there is a lot of feasting.  In the night the Baisakhi di Raat or Baisakhi da Mela is held in which various folk dances, especially the Bhangra dance is performed and men and women dance to the rhythmic beat of drums.

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